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May 2019
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It’s a tradition now: every time a Star Wars movie comes out, Vanity Fair gives us a special first look of the next movie. Daisy is featured on the cover-special as Rey. They also released a full story and an exclusive behind the scenes look: There’s a desert valley in southern Jordan called Wadi Rum, or sometimes “the Valley of the Moon.” There are stone inscriptions in Wadi Rum that

Apr 2019
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Two gorgeous portraits featuring Daisy Ridley from the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago have been released. Find them in our gallery by clicking on the pictures.     

Dec 2018
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Daisy Ridley has been quiet this year but we could see her in her projects! Peter Rabbit and Ophelia premiered this year in cinemas and / or festivals. Pictures from both projects are available in the gallery.      Daisy Ridley also joined The Academy this year and won an Empire Award (see pictures here). The Star Wars IX production also started this year and as far as we know, shooting

Jan 2018
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Bonne année 2018 ! Découvrez 16 photos d’un tout nouveau photoshoot de Daisy Ridley pour Grazia China ! D’autres photos sont certainement à venir… Happy New Year ! Check out 16 pictures of Daisy Ridley in a brand new photoshoot for Grazia China. New pictures to come…

Dec 2017
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Découvrez 10 nouveaux portraits de Daisy réalisés le 03 décembre à Los Angeles. Le film sort aujourd’hui au cinéma ! Check out 10 new portraits of Daisy taken on december 3 in Los Angeles. The movie is out today !

Dec 2017
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Daisy Ridley is talking about her favourite washing powder. “It has got to be Fairy Non-Bio, for sensitive skin. A little touch of fabric conditioner,” she tells me, happily. “God, I love washing my clothes.” Not the conversation I imagined as I flew to LA to hang out with the protagonist of the biggest movie franchise in the galaxy ahead of the anticipated arrival of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.